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For thousands of years up to the present, there has been an aura of mystery about the Canaries mythical dragon tree (dracaena draco), because according to the legend, when dragons died, they became dragon trees. This living fossil is well-deservedly one of the symbols of the Canary Islands and perhaps, the greatest treasure of Spanish plant life.

By looking at its fanciful shape, you realize why the Canaries ancient settlers considered it as a divine tree with powers that nearly made it into an icon.

The dragon tree produces a liquid substance that is identified by many as its blood. This element was valued since ancient Rome, where the “blood” was used for colouring and as a panacea for all ills.

Interest in the dragon tree’s blood was such that it extended over the centuries to most of continental Europe reaching unthinkable limits as it was used for multiple purposes, including that of using this sap as varnish to protect metals from rust.


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